For the past month, Harrods have showcased an incredible collection of Prada's clothing and accessories through the ages. In collaboration with Miuccia Prada, this exhibition follows the continually expanding ambitions of Italy's influential fashion house as well as the growth of her career. Recently I went to have a look for myself.

As you walk in to the carpeted room, you're met with an array of glass cabinets filled with Prada products, as well as several groups of mannequins dressed in some of the most exquisite looks.

Each cabinet had a theme: whether it be glamour, racer cars or florals, the Prada collections were grouped thematically as opposed to by date.

This in itself demonstrates that fashion does in fact do a full circle and different concepts now, will be in style again in the future. What particularly caught my attention was this one board of information (shown below) which explained the reasoning behind categorizing the collections by type rather than date:

Prada tends to return to the same themes, less as inspiration than as deeply resonant sources of drama, romance, and personal obsession.

Furthermore, another board which explains the recurrence of fashion themed cycles is the one below:

The detailing on each garment and headdress showed the intricate hand-stitching and work that will have gone in to making each individual piece, while the shoes in particular looked runway ready – not necessaily for walking down a high street.

Harrods even notes Pradashere as:

Highlighting Miuccia Prada’s ground-breaking approach to fashion and the profound effect she has had on design, Pradasphere will showcase work from many collections, illustrating the methods Prada has employed.

The exhibition includes exquisite heritage items from the Prada archives, fabulous shoes and bags from past collections, a Prada history wall that links the brand’s extracurricular projects from Fondazione Prada to America’s Cup, and much more.

Here are some of the most stand-out pieces from this eclectic collection:

A nice little touch was the “new collection” room – unfortunately I was unable to take photographs – but it was the forthcoming Prada exclusives for Harrods. Staff were already on hand to take pre-orders of shoes which are available in every colour and texture, as well as measurements for their latest clothing.

Being in the presence of such unique, distinctive looks is inspirational. If you haven't already, visit Pradasphere before it ends on the 29th May 2014.


A couple of nights ago, I had the absolute pleasure of attending my first (and best) show of 2014, and it most definitely scored a place in my top 5. Justin Timberlake at The O2, London. With a capacity of something around 23,000 people, there was not a single empty space once the lights went down.

Having been a MEGA fan of JT’s since I was a child, you can bet anything I spent a precious amount of time ensuring I got hold of a pair of tickets to this. And boy, was it worth it.

Unlike about 95% of artists, Justin had minimal stage props, and graced us with his fine self at 8:30pm – a good half an hour earlier than the usual playtime for main acts. That being said, he had no supports to follow. Playing for almost 3 hours with a mini 5 minute break half way – the man has incredible stamina to play such an eclectic 30-song set!

After a countdown from 20, JT rose up from a hole in the back of the stage and started the show with Pusher Love Girl from his The 20/20 Experience Part 1 album. Undoubtedly, every girl in the room went wild.

Wearing his signature Tom Ford ensemble consisting of a tux (particularly a white shirt and black trousers with strips down the sides) and white blazer, he sailed through part one of his set list with his band, The Tennessee Kids, and minimal dancers – all wearing equally smart tuxedo suits. He continued to wow the crowd by flitting from old and new songs such as Rock Your Body, My Love, and TKO. Even a singular version of his and Jay Z’s Holy Grail was adored by all.

After a mere 5 minute intermission, part two of his set list enabled Justin to change into a black blazer to top his Tom Ford look. Using a raised, almost see through mini stage on wheels, he interacted with the rest of the arena as he made his way to the smaller stage towards the back of the room. Justin treated the crowd to the likes of Señorita and What Goes Around… Comes Around, as well as a couple of covers including Michael Jackson’s Human Nature, and Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel.

It’s fair to say throughout the evening, Justin wowed his audience of adoring fans with his talented singing, dancing and guitar playing. It seems there is not a single thing that glorious man can’t put his mind to – and yet he’s still so gracious and humble. That in itself makes it easy to give him the complete respect he deserves.

Ending with the ever popular single, Mirrors, Justin left the stage having provided us all with an incredibly great night.

An absolutely easy 10/10 for this show. I can only hope I’ll see him again soon.

The complete set list was as follows:

Come back soon JT, WE LOVE YOU!


Date: Monday 30th September 2013

Time: 8:30pm

Venue: Roundhouse, Camden, London

This was the last night of the iTunes Festival 2013 – a night with three stars that go by the names of Icona Pop, Iggy Azalea and Katy Perry.

With a background staging like a circus with merry go round horses, sky high heeled boots and a little golden, metallic corset – certainly different from her usual two piece hot-shorts and crop tops – a huge introduction was made by “the infamous DJ WizKid”, and Iggy Azalea ran on stage with dancers in toe to her first song, Beat Down.

Hair slicked back off her face as a long, golden high ponytail, with simple, feminine make-up and just a touch of fuchsia lipstick to finish it off, she looked more woman than ever before. Iggy certainly proved herself as equal competition to wow the crowd as she owned the stage.

Following her intro to the stage, Iggy continued her set with her newest single, Change Your Life.

Going through the motions of playing her songs both old and new, Iggy danced and twerked alongside her female dancers to her older songs including Pu$$y. next on her setlist was Murda Bizness, which she introduced to the Roundhouse crowd by saying,

D’ya know what it’s called when you go out at night and you look so good, you kill everybody else in the club? That’s called being in the Murda Bizness.

At only 23, Iggy has presented herself as a successful young artist in her own right, and a great role model to young girls – proud of her hourglass figure.

She played her recent hits including Bounce, and ended with the infamous song which catapulted her into the limelight, Work.

As a girl in the hip hop industry, she’s certainly had her work cut out for her, but with support from the likes of T.I and other huge names in that scene, she’s definitely one to watch, who’ll just be getting bigger and better as time goes on.

The Sydney born star is due to release her debut studio album, The New Classic before the end of this year, after its original release date of September 2nd was pushed back.

All in all, she was 10/10, and I can’t wait to see her perform again!

Date: Sunday 1st September 2013

Time: 9pm

Venue: Roundhouse, Camden, London

This is the first iTunes gig of the month starring Lady Gaga. She makes her entrance around 9.30pm. The crowd are ready. With her new fresh faced appearance, a series of wig changes along with openly changing some of her shoes and costumes on stage, Lady Gaga riled up the audience for a show they'd remember.

She performed her playlist of songs from her upcoming album ARTPOP – and if this show is anything to go by, the album is going to be a number 1 hit in the charts as soon as it is released.

This album shows a newer, somewhat darker persona to Gaga, as she even told her audience,

“They put you in a box in Pop music and want you to be a good girl, but I don't want to be a good girl. I want to be outside the box with all of you.”

Wearing minimal clothing, she has completely stripped back and shown us all a very different, very real side to her.

Gaga is all about her fans, who she calls her little monsters. She repeatedly told them she loves them and thats the real reason why she still does what she does. This is the reason she wants to stay true to them.

Having a complete heart-to-heart with her fans as she kneels on the stage she said,

“I cared not for success. I cared not if people liked it. I cared only for that one person it might touch.”

She continued,

“I was willing and will always be willing to risk it all for what I believe in. In order to write art pop I had to be willing to take off all the wigs and makeup I used to hide the pain.

“I didn't feel strong enough to be me, I created someone else, and it worked.

“In order to grow and be a better artist and to be closer to you, I knew I had to show you all what's underneath. I felt like trash on the inside I felt empty, I wrote this song to let go of all that pain. I would do anything for you monsters.”

With her short, wavy brown hair on show to the crowd and minimal make-up, she covered the top half of her face with a diamante pig mask and performed another song called Swine while several dancers dressed as white pigs pranced around the stage.

With further fantastically staged songs such as a collaborative effort of Lady Gaga and T.I. – who she acknowledged saying “They wouldn't let him in the country” – she introduced and performed her song Jewels & Drugs dressed in just her underwear covered by a red check shirt and black platform stiletto boots.

After several more songs and a complete hour set, she finished with her infamous Applause, which proved to be another crowd pleaser.

This is the Gaga we have truly loved and missed.
Lady Gaga's ARTPOP is available to pre-order now via iTunes. It's official release date is 11th November 2013.


For those who have an iPhone (so that's probably 3/4 of you), I'm sure you'll agree with me that the lifespan of an Apple iPhone battery ISN'T the greatest – even after you fully charge your phone. From using 3G, to playing games or using apps and FaceTime, a typical battery can run out in a matter of hours – and that includes my less-than-a-year-old iPhone 5 *sad face*. HOWEVER, all might swiftly change.

Today I purchased this bold looking gadget and I'm already SO excited to use it.

It's called the Mophie Juice Pack Air. There're still a very new product over here in the UK (more known in the States), but they're basically a portable charger/phone case IN ONE! That's right, no longer will I be out for hours with a dying phone. You simply pop your phone in the case and once the battery needs topping up, you simply flick the switch on the back and your phone starts charging as though connected to a proper charger!

BRILLIANT I hear you say – that is, until those Apple experts can come up with a way of creating an A-MAZ-ING battery life so we won't have to worry about buying extra gadgets.

This product has had numerous great reviews, so I have no doubt I bought this and it is a great investment.

So for all you festival goers, party goers, all-nighters, and anyone else that is looking for an answer to your dead phone battery prayers, buy one of these!

It's a little bit pricey at £89.95, but hey, WHAT an investment. Available to buy in red, white and black from the Apple store.