Justin Timberlake LIVE at The O2, London: 02/04/14

A couple of nights ago, I had the absolute pleasure of attending my first (and best) show of 2014, and it most definitely scored a place in my top 5. Justin Timberlake at The O2, London. With a capacity of something around 23,000 people, there was not a single empty space once the lights went down.

Having been a MEGA fan of JT’s since I was a child, you can bet anything I spent a precious amount of time ensuring I got hold of a pair of tickets to this. And boy, was it worth it.

Unlike about 95% of artists, Justin had minimal stage props, and graced us with his fine self at 8:30pm – a good half an hour earlier than the usual playtime for main acts. That being said, he had no supports to follow. Playing for almost 3 hours with a mini 5 minute break half way – the man has incredible stamina to play such an eclectic 30-song set!

After a countdown from 20, JT rose up from a hole in the back of the stage and started the show with Pusher Love Girl from his The 20/20 Experience Part 1 album. Undoubtedly, every girl in the room went wild.

Wearing his signature Tom Ford ensemble consisting of a tux (particularly a white shirt and black trousers with strips down the sides) and white blazer, he sailed through part one of his set list with his band, The Tennessee Kids, and minimal dancers – all wearing equally smart tuxedo suits. He continued to wow the crowd by flitting from old and new songs such as Rock Your Body, My Love, and TKO. Even a singular version of his and Jay Z’s Holy Grail was adored by all.

After a mere 5 minute intermission, part two of his set list enabled Justin to change into a black blazer to top his Tom Ford look. Using a raised, almost see through mini stage on wheels, he interacted with the rest of the arena as he made his way to the smaller stage towards the back of the room. Justin treated the crowd to the likes of SeƱorita and What Goes Around… Comes Around, as well as a couple of covers including Michael Jackson’s Human Nature, and Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel.

It’s fair to say throughout the evening, Justin wowed his audience of adoring fans with his talented singing, dancing and guitar playing. It seems there is not a single thing that glorious man can’t put his mind to – and yet he’s still so gracious and humble. That in itself makes it easy to give him the complete respect he deserves.

Ending with the ever popular single, Mirrors, Justin left the stage having provided us all with an incredibly great night.

An absolutely easy 10/10 for this show. I can only hope I’ll see him again soon.

The complete set list was as follows:

Come back soon JT, WE LOVE YOU!



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