iTunes Festival Day 1: Lady Gaga

Date: Sunday 1st September 2013

Time: 9pm

Venue: Roundhouse, Camden, London

This is the first iTunes gig of the month starring Lady Gaga. She makes her entrance around 9.30pm. The crowd are ready. With her new fresh faced appearance, a series of wig changes along with openly changing some of her shoes and costumes on stage, Lady Gaga riled up the audience for a show they'd remember.

She performed her playlist of songs from her upcoming album ARTPOP – and if this show is anything to go by, the album is going to be a number 1 hit in the charts as soon as it is released.

This album shows a newer, somewhat darker persona to Gaga, as she even told her audience,

“They put you in a box in Pop music and want you to be a good girl, but I don't want to be a good girl. I want to be outside the box with all of you.”

Wearing minimal clothing, she has completely stripped back and shown us all a very different, very real side to her.

Gaga is all about her fans, who she calls her little monsters. She repeatedly told them she loves them and thats the real reason why she still does what she does. This is the reason she wants to stay true to them.

Having a complete heart-to-heart with her fans as she kneels on the stage she said,

“I cared not for success. I cared not if people liked it. I cared only for that one person it might touch.”

She continued,

“I was willing and will always be willing to risk it all for what I believe in. In order to write art pop I had to be willing to take off all the wigs and makeup I used to hide the pain.

“I didn't feel strong enough to be me, I created someone else, and it worked.

“In order to grow and be a better artist and to be closer to you, I knew I had to show you all what's underneath. I felt like trash on the inside I felt empty, I wrote this song to let go of all that pain. I would do anything for you monsters.”

With her short, wavy brown hair on show to the crowd and minimal make-up, she covered the top half of her face with a diamante pig mask and performed another song called Swine while several dancers dressed as white pigs pranced around the stage.

With further fantastically staged songs such as a collaborative effort of Lady Gaga and T.I. – who she acknowledged saying “They wouldn't let him in the country” – she introduced and performed her song Jewels & Drugs dressed in just her underwear covered by a red check shirt and black platform stiletto boots.

After several more songs and a complete hour set, she finished with her infamous Applause, which proved to be another crowd pleaser.

This is the Gaga we have truly loved and missed.
Lady Gaga's ARTPOP is available to pre-order now via iTunes. It's official release date is 11th November 2013.



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