Pradasphere at Harrods, London

For the past month, Harrods have showcased an incredible collection of Prada's clothing and accessories through the ages. In collaboration with Miuccia Prada, this exhibition follows the continually expanding ambitions of Italy's influential fashion house as well as the growth of her career. Recently I went to have a look for myself.

As you walk in to the carpeted room, you're met with an array of glass cabinets filled with Prada products, as well as several groups of mannequins dressed in some of the most exquisite looks.

Each cabinet had a theme: whether it be glamour, racer cars or florals, the Prada collections were grouped thematically as opposed to by date.

This in itself demonstrates that fashion does in fact do a full circle and different concepts now, will be in style again in the future. What particularly caught my attention was this one board of information (shown below) which explained the reasoning behind categorizing the collections by type rather than date:

Prada tends to return to the same themes, less as inspiration than as deeply resonant sources of drama, romance, and personal obsession.

Furthermore, another board which explains the recurrence of fashion themed cycles is the one below:

The detailing on each garment and headdress showed the intricate hand-stitching and work that will have gone in to making each individual piece, while the shoes in particular looked runway ready – not necessaily for walking down a high street.

Harrods even notes Pradashere as:

Highlighting Miuccia Prada’s ground-breaking approach to fashion and the profound effect she has had on design, Pradasphere will showcase work from many collections, illustrating the methods Prada has employed.

The exhibition includes exquisite heritage items from the Prada archives, fabulous shoes and bags from past collections, a Prada history wall that links the brand’s extracurricular projects from Fondazione Prada to America’s Cup, and much more.

Here are some of the most stand-out pieces from this eclectic collection:

A nice little touch was the “new collection” room – unfortunately I was unable to take photographs – but it was the forthcoming Prada exclusives for Harrods. Staff were already on hand to take pre-orders of shoes which are available in every colour and texture, as well as measurements for their latest clothing.

Being in the presence of such unique, distinctive looks is inspirational. If you haven't already, visit Pradasphere before it ends on the 29th May 2014.



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