This past weekend has been a personal favourite and probably one of the best ones I’ve had this year! I promised myself at the start of 2013 that this year, and especially this summer would be my best one yet and so far it hasn’t failed. Best weather. Best company. Best times. Best fun. Best Wireless.

So Friday started out with a nice warm, sunny day. I left my house with my trusty shorts, leopard print vans and a striped crop top. Accessories of choice were my oversized sunnies and a grey suede bucket bag. I was ready for the weekend completely covered in sun tan lotion.

Once I’d found my friends in Stratford, we started on the longest walk through Westfield to the festival grounds, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. All in all it took about 25 minutes. Once through the gates, we got our bearings. We found out the direction to the main stage and headed over.

Amid many trips to the “party bar” and “Red Bull bar”, we drank lots of drinks (including Tango, Red Bull and Pepsi for those who wondered), ate burgers and danced the day and night away. The walking between stages and dancing certainly helped us to work off any calories we were about to consume so my conscience felt good. We even spotted BBC Radio 1 DJ Jameela Jamil wandering around – always nice to see celebs having fun among the rest of us!

I even surprised myself by going on this MASSIVE ride (apologies to all who heard my screams) but my God I’m well impressed with myself!

Friday gave us the chance to watch Wretch 32, Ke$ha, Waka Flocka Flame (my second time in less than a year), Little Mix (who performed a great medley of old skool classic girl bands), Miguel, John Legend, the end of A*M*E’s set, Trey Songz. These prepared us for the incredible sets by Snoop Dogg (or Lion?!) and the most beautiful man on the planet, Mr Justin Timberlake himself. And boy, I was not disappointed!

Snoop was great for bringing back his infamous tracks and getting the crowd hyped. So much so, even some of the staff with megaphones were joining in singing which really added to the atmosphere. I’d definitely recommend anyone to go watch him perform if they haven’t already and you ever get a chance!

Justin came on and there was not a single person not in awe of his presence on the stage. From performing his greatest singles, Love Stoned, Cry Me A River and some of my faves from his latest LP including Tunnel Vision, I can honestly say I went away from that night a VERY happy girl. With a set that lasted about an hour, JT did us proud by ending the night with his newest partner in crime, Jay Z, as they both stormed the stage singing Suit & Tie dressed as the best gentlemen they are. Our very own little entertainment came from a guy near us in the crowd performing his own version of ballet throughout the entire set. Props to him!

Saturday started off even hotter than Friday so I donned a crochet yellow crop top and shorts with a bright coral bikini – again, smothered in sun cream. At 31 degrees, I was not going to burn!

With the same sort of routine as the previous day, we got to watch the likes of DJ Fresh/Live, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Iggy Azalea (props to your dance moves, girl!), another rendition of Miguel while we sat down to some surprisingly delish Chinese festival noodles, Kendrick Lamar, the not so secret Special Guest who turned out to be Tinie Tempah, followed by a great DJ set by Calvin Harris. The night ended with the king of his genre Jay Z (who has amazing manners btw) performing a variety of songs from his old classics to newer songs from his current album. While we were disappointed he didn’t perform Ni**as in Paris, he surprised us all by bringing out our beloved JT to duet Holy Grail.

Thank God for the free Y!Wireless app for my iPhone which kept us updated about set times and tents (def much more efficient than a lanyard – other fests take note!). It even has a great little interactive bit where you can make postcards of your weekend pics – some of mine are below:

All in all it was an A-MAZ-ING weekend and I wish it hadn’t ended. Same again next year guys? I THINK SO!

With all this talk (and my online “holiday shopping” already well underway) of Spring/Summer fashion, along with the current Fashion Week season for the next Autumn/Winter – please God let us get over this one first – festivals are announcing their headlining acts and getting ready for the summer of a lifetime.

London's Wireless festival is one I've attended for the last couple of years – first time I went, I got to see the likes of Black Eyed Peas and Bruno Mars (who brought out the hotness that is Travis McCoy as a guest), and last year I saw Drake. Up until now, the festival has been held in London's Hyde Park – a perfect location for me to get home from. However, this year with the announcement of their amazing headliners, the festival has moved homes to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. I assume this is because it's possibly bigger and they'll be able to make use of the area built for London 2012.

Here is the line-up so far:

Can't wait to see who else they'll add to the line up! With the likes of Justin Timberlake (possibly the most beautiful man on this earth with the most immense talent) along with the legend that is Jay Z, HOW could I refuse?!

Literally so excited to go to this! So far, this event along with the several other things I have planned means this summer is looking to be my best one yet.

See you there JT, I'm sure you'll do me so proud.


Having already seen Iris in LA, and Le Reve – The Dream in Las Vegas, I was more than excited to here that Kooza was coming to my hometown of London.

Based in the Royal Albert Hall, this exquisite Cirque du Soleil show was a variety of acrobatics, contortionists and magic shows all put together in the form of a story.

The tight rope walkers, and guys completing tricks with their skipping ropes on what I can only describe to be a giant double sided pendulum were definitely my favourite acts of the show.

I can only say that for those who have never seen a Cirque du Soleil before, there are so many across the continents and each one is fantastic in its own right. If you have seen them before, try to get some tickets to watch Kooza before the tour ends. You won't be disappointed.

To find a list of all the main shows across the globe, along with all the info you could possibly want about Cirque du Soleil, visit their website here.



I’ve spent the first part of September getting really involved with the London 2012 spirit by taking some time out to visit some of the Paralympic games. Anyone who tried to get hold of Olympic tickets can probably agree with me that it was practically IMPOSSIBLE – especially with the way the official website worked. Anyway, after a few weeks of consistently requesting tickets, I managed to get hold of some for a good few games, including Athletics, Wheelchair Tennis, Wheelchair Fencing (which included a great day pass to also view Sitting Volleyball and Powerlifting.

I was also given a great opportunity to Guest Blog for Motel Rocks over my time at the Paralympics, and you can see my entry below (click on the image to enlarge it).

Motel Rocks is a great brand, and I’ve collected a fair few dresses and other items over the years. Not only are the products they sell durable, but they’re always in keeping with the latest fashion trends, and reasonably priced. As a company, I think they’re under-valued because they don’t have their own shops, but instead have concession areas within larger stores. We need to give them all the support we can to ensure this British fashion brand keeps going from strength to strength.

I definitely recommend that you take a look at their website and have a shop around.

For a chance to have a look at Motel Rock’s Blog, click on the logo link below.

So it’s the 5th June 2011. We’ve been told by the television weather teams that this month is going to be an absolute scorcher! So far, we’ve had a couple of good but awfully windy days and then today – the one day I planned to start my summer jogging workout was cold, windy and raining. Great. It’s days like this that make me take a really good look at my wardrobe and start to go through things quite carefully to decide what should be kept and what should be given away to charity.

For anyone that’s a little bit indecisive and can’t work out where to start – I used to be like this, holding onto clothes, shoes and accessories I hadn’t worn in so long, but the “sentimental” value ensured I kept everything and slowly I was running out of space – there’s a great book on sale by the gorgeous LA girl, Lauren Conrad, titled Style. Considering she had to sort out her own wardrobe during her entire series of The Hills, she cleverly explains through the pages everything from wardrobe staples to beauty advice – everything and anything any first timer would need to take control of their own style.

Priced at £11.99 at Waterstones and available at a number of other retailers and book stores, this will be the best investment you ever make.