Some of my favourite films, TV shows and CDs from 2012

In 2012 I watched some amazing movies, listened to some great albums and songs and watched some really addictive TV shows. After finally discovering how to stream TV shows online (totally late to that party, I know) I spent the greater part of the latter of the year engrossed in working my way through series upon series in a matter of weeks.

Below just shows a few of my faves. I could never possibly include everything, that'd be insane! There are still so many amazing things I've left out but this is just for starters.

  1. Film: Pretty Woman – one of my all time favourite movies. I finally bought the DVD so I no longer have to wait for it to be showing on Sky to be able to watch it.
  2. TV show: Tia & Tamera – the stars of Sister Sister. It was great to watch this and find out what they're up to now since I grew up watching that show.
  3. TV show: Gossip Girl – for years I avoided watching this because I couldn't understand why evertyone was so obsessed with it. Now I have, I'm so sad the final season is already over. RIP Gossip Girl.
  4. CD: Bruno Mars – Unorthodox Dukebox – I bought this CD for my mum for her birthday and she loved it. It's safe to say once she had finished playing it I borrowed it to load up on my own iTunes.
  5. CD: No Doubt – Push and Shove – Gwen Stefani is probably one of my favourite women in the world and I've loved No Doubt since I was a child. So this album was long awaited!
  6. Film: Pulp Fiction – I was so late to the party about this film but I watched it for the first time in 2012 and absolutely LOVED it. Definitely need to buy it on DVD.
  7. CD: Rihanna – Unapologetic – while not everyone is a fan of Rihanna, I liked the fact that this album is completely different to her others. Seemingly more grown up too. Got to love her performances of some of the songs on her 777 tour.
  8. TV show: Plain Jane – I luckily had the opportunity to meet Louise Roe in February 2012 at a Stylistpick event. She's got to be one of the people I admire most career wise and aspire to be like. Out of loyalty and love for this stylist woman, I always tune in to her styling show.
  9. TV show: Breaking Bad – so while I was late watching this (sorry USA people), I was certainly the first of a fair few over here in the UK. I started watching this back in August and managed to finish up to the break point of the final season by the end of October. It's got to be one of the most gripping TV shows I've watched in a long time.




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