9/11: Eleven years since that day

9/11: Eleven years since that day

It’s crazy to think that today is the official 11 year anniversary of those tragic events on 9/11. A date that literally changed the world as we knew it.

While I’m not American myself, I do have American family, friends and an overall love for the country. I remember I was just 13 when it happened. I came home from school, dropped my bag and went to the living room where my mum was sat staring at the television. Then I watched the news. It definitely didn’t feel real. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what those people must be going through.

Every year I watch the annual shows on the survivors of the events, and just think to myself how brave they really are. How moving it was to see everyone come together to try and help with the recovery process.

My thoughts go out to all of those involved, their families and friends as well as all of the emergency services who were on call that day. You’ll never be forgotten.


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