Top 10 Make-up Tips

Top 10 Make-up Tips

These tips are what I rely on for a day-to-day/night look. Depending on the colours you use, or how much of each product use apply, it can alter your look to suit your event.

1.       Face: Primer

An absolute must! Never apply any make-up without a primer first. Using a primer sets the base of your palette – your face – to an even level after moisturising. It acts like a shield so that the make-up products you use won’t get into your pores and create spots! Any Primer is good; however with this product, a little goes a long way, as it’s usually in the form of a gel and spreads with ease.

2.       Face: Foundation

I always find that foundation is the best way to begin any make-up routine. Applying foundation is like applying an even background colour to a painting. In particular, I would recommend Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation SPF 15. It is a small glass bottle, absolutely perfect for home use. Again, with this product, a little goes a long way, and one squirt from the pump really does spread evenly across the entire of your face (it has been proven, if you only use one pump each time, your product will last for approximately 6 months). For any foundation, I think it is best to use a foundation brush, as this allows for an even spread of the product without wasting it, which is what can happen with a sponge.

3.       Face: Powder

Powder is always a personal opinion. Some people prefer less make-up and just use the foundation. Others sometimes just use powder (however in this instance it usually doesn’t give a smooth finish as it becomes patchy throughout the day). Personally I think a light coat of a powder that is close enough to your skin colour finishes the face palette off like a gloss finishes a paint job. It just adds that finishing touch to it, giving it a very smooth natural appearance. I personally prefer compact powders, as they are useful for travel, and a lot easier to apply rather than loose powder (which I have found out can go everywhere, if not careful). Just apply a very light coat either by dusting across the face with a brush, or lightly with a sponge for a very natural finish. I personally use Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Finish Pressed Powder, as it complements the foundation very well.

4.       Cheeks: Blusher

The one thing to remember with using a blusher: you do NOT want to end up looking like a clown or your childhood toy, the rag doll. While blushers are pink, a small amount really does go a long way (and very red). When applying the blusher, tap the brush a few times in the air before making contact with the skin. This rids the blusher brush of excess powder. Look in the mirror with a smile expression, and follow the cheek bone upwards. This will give the best coverage. I usually use a quite pinky-red colour for my own blusher, and I am currently using one created by Smashbox, which is compact enough to be taken in your handbag.

5.       Eyes: Concealer

Now this may seem like a very unusual idea, but it is quite useful and effective for a number of reasons. If you have dark circles under your eyes, concealer is a temporary quick fix so it’s easier to apply make-up and appear fresh. Also, it is a good base for any eye make-up you have, and also helps the product to stick to the eyes rather than end up around the rest of your face. I always find it best to apply this just after the foundation. Any concealer which is similar to your skin tone with a yellow base is good.

6.       Eyebrows: brow shaping

The latest fashion accessory most women are carrying around with them happens to be on their face: eyebrows! Surprisingly it is the new greatest trend to have slightly darker eyebrows than your hair colour (or at least so they match it). I recommend a brow shaping kit, any which have the shade closest to your hair colour, SLIGHTLY darker if possible, and then use the brush accompanying it to apply the shadow to the eyebrows. This technique not only helps to make the eyebrows frame the face clearly, but allows you to define the arch of the brow easier. Plus, it’s a quick fix if you’re worried about plucking! I particularly like to use brow products by Shavata, THE brow specialist (brow God in my eyes!)

7.       Eyes: Eye liner

I always believe that eye liner defines the eyes so much more than people realise. It’s like the icing on the cake, the finishing touch to your eyes. I always prefer black, but other similar darker colours work just as well depending on the look you are aiming for. Perhaps for a sultrier look, a deep purple or a dark brown/blue would be more appropriate. I am going to recommend the Benefit BADgal waterproof pencil. It’s a black liner but as the name suggests, will not smudge even for those tears!

8.       Eyes: Mascara

Eye liner is a must. It completes the look and opens the eyes up so they don’t just appear “half done” and tired. I always prefer a dark colour such as black to do this, and it helps if you can use some eye lash curlers just before to get them in the right shape for colouring. A couple of layers also make the eyes stand out more. I have recently become attached to Benefit’s BADgal Lash mascara.

9.       Lips: lip balm

It’s impossible to apply any sort of lipstick or lip gloss with cut or chapped or dried lips. Lip balm is like the primer to your face: it smoothes out the lips for easy application! It’s a MUST! Any lip balm is good. 

10.   Lips: lip gloss

Everyone likes the finishing touch to their make-up. Lip-gloss is always the way to do it. For a more dominant, defined look a bold colour adds a statement to your make-up. However if you prefer to keep it natural, a clear lip gloss does the trick. I recommend Bare Escentuals Buxom ‘Krystal’ clear gloss. I particularly find this to be my personal favourite, because it not only creates fuller lips with a tingly feel, but it’s one of VERY few things in this world with the same name as me (Krystal, obviously) AND it’s spelt the way my name is!

Now, as I bring this blog entry to a close, I would like to state something. I understand that some of the products I have mentioned may appear a bit too over priced for what some can manage. These, however are just my own personal favourites. Whilst they are slightly more than the average high street prices, these products are of such good quality that they are designed to last for up to 6 months depending on the product purchased. In which case, it is safe to say that you really do get your money’s worth!


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