Beyoncé BREAKS the internet

Our long-lost Bey surprised the world this morning by none other than releasing a brand new album on iTunes… WITH NO PUBLICITY WHATSOEVER! Talk about a shock to the internet itself – being such a crazy, yet dramatically incredible stunt, our lovely Beyoncé has proved she reigns as the musical superstar.

Beyonce album cover 2013

You've got to admit, that's a pretty ballsy move to make – having said that, being the wife of Jay-Z and already having several successful songs and tours under your belt, along with the cutest of cute little girls Blue Ivy (who BTW has a song dedicated to her on this new album), it would have been more shocking for this to flop. Thank God it was sold on iTunes though or HMV probably would have had A LOT to answer for with empty shelves behind the Beyoncé name dividers. Not to mention it might have been impossible for her to start selling it at 3am.

With an extensive collection of 31 tracks on her newest and fifth studio record, Beyoncé has treated her fans to not only new material, but a dozen video tracks too. What a lovely pre-Christmas treat eh?

Beyonce album 2013 track listing

Having only briefly listened to the tracks (I've yet to listen to the album in full), it's clear to see our Bey is back and better than before. And boy, have we missed her. Maybe this is another reason she's added more dates next year to her infamous Mrs Carter Tour? New material can only make the tour MUCH better!

Oh and PS: LOVING your pink on black colour scheme, Beyoncé. Woman after my own heart.



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