Feather me up!

Another great set of manicures by Ciaté, comes in the form of the Feathered Manicure.

Available in three colour options (L-R):

All A Flutter

What A Hoot

Ruffle My Feathers

These sets allow you to create a colourful feathered look on your nails (think peacock-pretty designs) using mini feathers.

Inside each box you get:

  • 0.17 oz Speed Coat Pro
  • 0.17 Mini Paint Pot
  • Nail scissors
  • 2 x Nail file block
  • 40 x feathers

A lot simpler to use than you think! First, add a couple of coats of the Mini Paint Pot, followed by a coat of the Speed Coat Pro. Next, attach your feathers and secure to the nails with a top coat. You can shape and buff your nails to how you like using the tools included. Et voila! You've got a fancy looking unique manicure.

For those who are concerned, these feathers come off just as easy as normal polish using an acetone free nail polish remover.

Each set is available for £20. Visit the Ciaté website to be informed when these products are available to purchase, or to find your next alternative stockist.



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