Kitten (the band, that is)

So I discovered this band (though I’m probably late to the party as always), because I heard a song playing in Topshop and I “shazam-ed” it using my iPhone – which by the way, if you don’t have that app you really should invest! And if you don’t have an iPhone then I strongly suggest you invest in one of those first – maybe even the iPhone 5 now it’s on pre-order. Anyway, I digress. So my “Shazam” app came up with Kitten. So once I got home I found the EP on iTunes and downloaded it immediately. I definitely recommend you check them out. They’ve got a new sound so they definitely fit into the gap in the current market. Not only that but they also won brownie points from me for being from LA (oh my love!)

I’m always very skeptical when it comes to female vocals – partly because there are certain sounds and specific voice types I’m not too fond of, not to mention other reasons. However in my eyes, this band have got it right.

Kitten’s “Cut It Out” EP is available on iTunes.


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