My must-visit fashion and beauty stores in USA

Whenever I go to the US, I always hate coming back home – usually due to the great weather, the politeness and kindness of the people around me and just the general fact I LOVE USA. When I first started taking vacations (or holidays if you’re British) over there, I noticed how different the fashion and beauty styles are straight away. Not only that, but of course a lot of our popular high street shops we have here in the UK aren’t available in the US so it took a few turns to find the ones I truly enjoyed.

Here’s some of my faves – thankfully they’re usually dotted around most states (or at least I’ve seen them in the ones I’ve been to which include NYC, LA, New Jersey).


A great department store with everything you could think of in mens, womens and childrens fashion and accessories along with a beauty area and bags, shoes etc. Think of it like our version of Debenhams.


For fashion, beauty, shoes, bags, accessories and anything you could possibly think of or want, THIS is your store. I’d say it’s equivalent to our House of Fraser, except sounds a lot more classy!


I always give this one a visit, though I don’t prefer it to the ones above. It’s kind of one of those ones that you’ve got to visit because it’s so well-known by everyone. It’s probably the American’s version of our John Lewis.


This shop is absolutely great! It’s my American Beauty Mecca! It can vary in size but it’s THE place to purchase all things beauty: make-up, tools of the trade, make-up storage, skin/body care. We used to have one here in the UK but now I’m on the hunt to find another one.

Neiman Marcus

Well I’ve only been in this store once – and that was to make my MJ (aka Marc Jacobs) purchase, BUT it is great. It’s another department store, however it seems like it caters for the higher end. Think a cross between House of Fraser mixed with Harrods.

More stores, plus images to follow soon throughout my journeys!


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