Presented at New York Fashion Week.

Such a refreshing brightness to this latest collection by Tanya Taylor, as we see white take a prominent stance in most of the looks. Cropped and boxy shaped tops again with midi length skirts are the go-to for this season, as we see a really feminine shape take hold.

A mixture of minimal florals on bold backgrounds really took form, while the models themselves looked very fresh faced, with a fabulous pop of a tangerine lip to complete the look.

Here are some of my chosen looks from Tanya Taylor’s latest offering:

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Presented at New York Fashion Week.

Mainly monochrome with a pop of colour, this collection was classy to the core.

Mixing prints – some of which you might never have done before – florals with stripes, jackets with bracelet sleeves, and a comfy chunky heeled sandal to finish each look.

The runway floor itself was a replication of one of the prints within some of the looks on show and really added to that mish-mash of a sophisticated modernity to both tailored and casual outfits.

A mixture of cropped tops – some with mesh inserts and others with long sleeves – matched with mini skirts or trousers, as well as the seemingly popular midi length skirt and peplum hem skirts. With such defined trends already, looks like SS15 could be one of the strongest seasons yet.

Here are some of my picks of this collection:

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Presented at New York Fashion Week.

A brand of elegance and sophistication, Kate Spade has only got better with each collection.

This presentation at New York Fashion Week shows the brand incorporating matching floral two-piece sets with cropped tops and midi skirts, bucket hats continuing to rein, and a move on from their current leather blouson popover top into a boxy t-shirt shape. At the same time, their bags continue to catch the eye of any watcher. Novelty clutches and totes in the shapes of sea creatures, hearts and flower plant pots – only Kate Spade could pull this off without seeming childish – instead, it's a new modern take on the classic, elevated brand.

Here are a few of my favourite looks from their great collection:

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Anyone who knows me particularly well will know I have a huge soft spot (or slightly large obsession) with Marc Jacobs – he is one of my favourite designers after all.

As we're approaching the Autumn/Winter '14 season, I've started looking around to see what's in store for the coming months – hoping to feel inspired since I'm much more of a summer gal (despite having a birthday in January).

Marc Jacob's Marc by Marc Jacobs collection in particular is spot on and I love some of the eye-catching pieces I've noticed already.

Here are 6 of my chosen great trans-seasonal pieces already available to purchase which will take you right the way through to the party season:

Brand Lust-Haves: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Brand Lust-Haves: Marc by Marc Jacobs by krystal-scanlon


Metallics are very in this coming season, as are animal prints and winter florals.

I've been looking around for a metallic skirt in recent months but until now hadn't found one in the particular shape or length I liked. And who doesn't love a bit of a glam with a two-tone nail colour? I can already hear my inner-mermaid calling.

Leopard print has always been one of my animal prints of choice and the creeping cold calls for a scarf.

A skinny belt does wonders for most outfits, and a gold tone is great to give your look a luxury finish – so simply.

I'm not quite sure yet if I'm even in the market for a new purse – however I couldn't resist this latest print on these fabulous zip around wallets. I'm still undecided about which colour-way I prefer, so I figured for now, why choose?

As for the heart shaped crossbody bag – well it truly was love at first sight. I'm a huge fan of crossbody bags – particularly for holidays and events when I'm not required to carry my entire life at my side, but with this quirky shape and quilted cow leather finish, I was sold from the get go.


  1. Metallic leather mini skirt
  2. Heart to heart crossbody
  3. Sasha leopard print scarf
  4. Sophisticato Aki floral slim zip around
  5. Metallic 2cm belt in oro
  6. Enamel nail glaze in blue velvet blue

All products are available from Marc Jacobs website.

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As we all know, Big Brother has been on our tellies for over a decade (14 years this year to be exact). The temporary celeb status of some of the housemates has come and gone, and over the years we’ve seen some gooduns like Jade Goody – whose legacy will stay with us forever.

I can’t say I’ve kept up-to-date every single year – in fact, the last one I properly watched was the one with Jade Goody – but as I switched over to Channel 5 this evening, I was instantly hooked. Why? I know one of the housemates.

I don’t know whether or not the producers just got it right this year, or if it’s because of the familiar face, but Big Brother ’14 already seems to be highly entertaining beyond belief. Boy am I excited.

This year’s housemates are:

So we’ve got:

Mirror loving, “It’s all about me” girl, Tamara who claims she’s smarter than the bimbo people take her for.

Essex boy Winston who loves a good chat-up line to reel in the ladies.

Lovable Liverpudlian Visual Merchandiser Markwho I used to work with – and I’ve never been more excited to see his personality on TV. Formerly also seen on X Factor and Shipwrecked.

Music graduate Matthew – BB’s answer to Made In Chelsea’s Mark Francis. Who reckon’s he’ll be the first to go with his “intolerance of people devoid of personality”.

Dance teacher Pauline – and current “Power” head of the house who toured with Kylie.

Arrogant Steven who boasts about his millions – bearing in mind guys, he’s ONLY 23, and let’s face it, that’s not an attractive trait for any guy to have.

“Journalist-ish” Christopher who has escaped life as a dairy farmer (bet he’s chuffed).

Strict Catholic Danielle who’ll probably not get on with anyone in the house because she’s against same-sex marriage, and sex before marriage – lets just hope she doesn’t try to force her views on the rest of the house.

Headliner Helen who’s trying to move past her tabloid scandal image that was broadcast 3 years ago.

Playboy brainy babe Kimberly from California who has degrees upon degrees and apparently some military training.

What a group we have! And tomorrow night 6 more faces will join this lot, so who knows what Big Brother has in store!

Stay tuned…