Once again I had the absolute pleasure of watching Prodigy live within the intimate walls of Brixton Academy, London. And as usual, they didn’t fail to disappoint.

With an electrifying light show, Keith Flint and Maxim Reality were bouncing around like they always do while Liam Howlett was raving with his tech instruments as though they had never left the stage. It’s amazing to think how my opinions of this band have literally done a complete 180 since my childhood. Back in March 1996 when the infamous single, Firestarter was released, I would watch the music video on Top Of The Pops and be utterly terrified of what I saw. That being said, I was also only a naive 8 year old girl who enjoyed playing with barbie dolls. Then, as you can imagine, I grew up and grew to love them more than ever. Hearing their songs repeatedly played in clubs over and over for a good 3 or so years before I even saw them live. At the time I could only imagine what a show of theirs was like. Now, after seeing them live just 4 times so far – between festivals and their own headlining shows – I can honestly say, each show just gets better and better.

The latest show was their official End of the World Extravaganza was a warriors party to remember. They impressed the crowd with a collection of their favourite hits including Breathe, V is for Voodoo, Take Me To The Hospital, Thunder, Omen, and of course Firestarter. For a band who have been together for 22 years, they never fail to disappoint. So far I’ve heard rumours that they’re making new music (which sounds INCREDIBLE) so I hope that’s true! The one day in the future when The Prodigy decide to call it a day will indeed be a really sad one. Let’s hope it’s no time soon.

For those who have never been to a live show of The Prodigy before, here’s an example of exactly what you’ve been missing out on. I suggest the next time they’re playing in a town/city near you, make sure you book some tickets!


Video shared via YouTube.


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So I discovered this band (though I’m probably late to the party as always), because I heard a song playing in Topshop and I “shazam-ed” it using my iPhone – which by the way, if you don’t have that app you really should invest! And if you don’t have an iPhone then I strongly suggest you invest in one of those first – maybe even the iPhone 5 now it’s on pre-order. Anyway, I digress. So my “Shazam” app came up with Kitten. So once I got home I found the EP on iTunes and downloaded it immediately. I definitely recommend you check them out. They’ve got a new sound so they definitely fit into the gap in the current market. Not only that but they also won brownie points from me for being from LA (oh my love!)

I’m always very skeptical when it comes to female vocals – partly because there are certain sounds and specific voice types I’m not too fond of, not to mention other reasons. However in my eyes, this band have got it right.

Kitten’s “Cut It Out” EP is available on iTunes.