Top 10 Wardrobe Maintenance Tips

Everyone always has their individual ways about how to maintain a clean, stylish wardrobe along with their own rules about keeping and giving away clothes. Here’s my top 10 tips I swear by:

1) Ensure there is variety
You don’t want to look in your wardrobe to find a selection of clothes/shoes/accessories that are all the same colour or style.

2) Don’t be afraid of colour
Okay so you won’t necessarily be able to wear that colourful dress everyday, but you’ll be able to dress it up and down according to your mood and brighten up even the most dismal days.

3) Purchase things you like as well as things you need
Don’t just by clothes and shoes based on things you need for work, or to wear for certain events/occasions. It’ll not only completely take the fun out of dressing up, but you’ll resent your image and that’s not a fun road to go down. Treat yourself once a month, or once in a while to something you just really, really like – it’ll do wonders for your confidence.

4) Don’t always play it safe, take some risks
You may be unsure about whether you can pull something off or if it’ll be rather unflattering. Try it on (maybe even show a friend if you’re unsure) but as long as you’re happy with what you see in the mirror that’s all that matters.

5) Always own shoes in a variety of styles
Every girl needs some heels, flats, comfort shoes and weatherproof shoes. It’s essential to be prepared for every aspect of life. As long as you have different styles, you can dress up and dress down any outfit. Try to own them in all shades and colours – lighter ones for Spring/Summer and darker colours for Autumn/Winter.

6) Wardrobe staples are a must
While you can own a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories that you love or need, it’s always best to have a few foolproof trusty items you can rely on when you’re not especially feeling your best. A favourite dress, some denim shorts, or a fabulous top – anything you know that’ll make you look amazing however you’re feeling.

7) Always accessorize
Everyone needs different styles of belts, a printed scarf, and a good selection of jewellery. All these items can easily help to recreate new outfits out of the clothes you already own. A nice patterned scarf over a tshirt, some jeggings and adding a blazer would subtly change your outfit from casual to casually smartly chic.

8 ) Bags, bags and more bags
You can never have too many shoes (at least I’ll always believe this) – just as you can never have too many bags. It’s always good to own a few different ones for occasions, specific uses and colours. A few ideas is to own a tote/shoulder bag that’s a dark or neutral colour for work, a smaller evening bag and/or clutch bag for those rather posh parties or just simply days you can’t be bothered to carry much, along with specific occasion bags that are foolproof for weddings, summer barbeques, etc.

9) Know your body shape well
As long as you know your body shape well, you’ll never go wrong. By looking through magazines, tearing out the pages of items that inspire you, knowing what colours compliment your skin tone along with understanding what patterns and shapes are flattering, you’ll always choose the right things. Experiment, try things on and get a feel for what you really love.

10) Stick to your throw out rule
I always stick by one rule: if I’ve not worn it in the last year, it’s time to get rid of it. It might seem harsh but it’s the simplest way to ensure that your wardrobe is constantly updated and you’re not hoarding things that you genuinely don’t need to keep.