Hope everyone had an amazing Easter break? Unfortunately I worked through most of it (I miss my office job for the bank holiday perks), but I’ve still got my chocolate eggs!

In light of Easter, I spent some time having a bit of a clear out, and figured it is time to get back into selling on ebay. Some of you know I’ve done this from time to time to clear some stuff I’ve had lying around. I’d rather it all goes to a good home rather than just sit in my wardrobes and drawers unused.

So far I’ve added a few extra products, and over the next few days I’ll be adding heaps more. Fashion, jewellery, accessories and beauty products, so please do add me to your favourite sellers list and keep updated when I add new items.

Click on the ebay image link below to see all the current selling products, and check back to see what else is on offer soon!



Happy shopping!



So I casually downloaded the March '14 issue of FHM (as you do) – for homework research, honest!

I normally skim through the first front pages but literally had to double take after reading the Editor's Letter:

The first paragraph in particular really hit a good nerve with me.
It's very easy to believe that it's too late to get shit done
This couldn't be a truer statement. When you're in school, everyone's in such a rush to grow up and be an adult – because at that age, everything seems easy, and cool and exciting. What they forget to mention is bills, responsibility and the small matter of a stable job – which for some, can be quite difficult in our current climate.
But d'ya know what? FHM's editor is right. You are never too old to do something you've always wanted to do, or learn something you've always wanted to learn.
We've only been accustomed to thinking this because its what society has taught us through growing up. Age IS just a number. Yes the competition is younger, but whose to say with some extra experience, you're not equally as great a candidate to make your dreams come true?
No one should ever have to give up on their dreams, whether it be for their lives, careers, relationships or place to live. Dreams are what help us to strive towards something better, in our eyes.
If its important to you, you will find a way. If its not, you'll find an excuse.

So I applaud Joe Barnes for his wise words *claps*.

Your dreams might not come true today or tomorrow, but if you want them enough you'll get it.


So it’s been a while since my last post and BOY! The start of 2014 has been busy/stress city to say the least.

Despite all this, I’m still determined to get back to blogging a lot like I used to not so long ago.

I came across this cute little phrase, and it totally fits with my currently busy schedule of Krystal’s world, but it totally resonated with me to just take a moment:

Hope y’all are having a good start to 2014! I’ve got a whole lotta news lined up for fashion, travel, music, festivals and a whole bunch of positive quotes and all sorts over this coming year, so watch this space.

Hi all!

Well, as we’re at the end of January 2014 (ALREADY!?) and my birthday was already 4 days ago (Boohoo! But blog post coming soon!) I figured it was time to start up the ebay selling once again. It’s never too early for a Spring Clean!

Click on the images below to take a look at the items I am currently selling. Both items are brand new.

As always promised, the more that sells the more I’ll keep selling!

ebay sale: ECCO Boots

ebay sale: Louise Roe jewellery set

Happy shopping!

So I’ve recently come across this really cute ‘n’ cool brand called Happy Jackson, who sell lots of different products in bright colours with happy/inspirational slogans on them.

Now I’m all for a funny/cleve slogan or remark, so these great products really fit the bill.

Here’s a selection of some of the types of products they sell:


  • “Love me, love my dangerously expensive shopping habit” money box
  • “Prezzy time” large gift box
  • Sticky paper tape
  • “Random crap” storage tin
  • “Gems of insight and inspiration (well… and shopping lists and stuff) notebook
  • “I love lists” notebook
  • “Queen of awesomeness” pocket tin
  • “Smile!” click clack tin


  • “Hello you lovely people” doormat
  • “Today is going to be a good day!” mug
  • Set of 6 coasters
  • “Cake I love you” cake tin
  • “My very healthy snacks” lunchbox
  • “Washing up disco! Oh yeah!” tea towel
  • “I am lovely!” mug
  • “Yay! Biscuits!” biscuit tin

All prices are reasonable, and the products are so bright and colourful theyre bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. Take a look at the rest of their full collection by visiting their website.