I always use mascara (black, just like my eyeliner – a personal preference) but have often found it's the one bit of make-up I end up chopping and changing quite a lot. I'm not sure if that's down to me having lots of brands lying around in my make-up drawer so I tend to pull out the first one I reach for, or if it's due to the actual mascara themselves. One thing I have learned (the hard way) is that if you don't use mascara for a good amount of time, they will inevitably dry up – making them pretty useless and bin-worthy.

Last year I went to Vegas on a family trip and visited probably every Sephora store the state had to offer – a tradition my mum and I stick to wherever we go. I'd been looking to try Benefit's newest mascara, “They're Real” for a while but back home in London, I was surprised to find the product was sold out almost everywhere. I figured it must be popular, so still worth a shot to find it.

In Sephora they had a nifty little deal going on – buy the normal size and get a travel size free – HOW could I resist?! So without a second thought, I made my purchase.

Without a doubt, this is definitely the best mascara I've found in a long time (and trust me, if you saw the amount of make-up I own, you'd see what I mean). It's the first mascara I've found which doesn't clump, gives you an even coat, all while making your lashes look nice and long – something I've always liked.

Benefit even say the following about this product on their website:

Why we love it

They're real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!

With the confidence Benefit have in their own product, strengthened by the studies and testing they've already done, its no wonder this product sells. It's even recognised as the UK's no.1 best selling mascara – and they wouldn't be wrong!

You can pretty much buy this product worldwide either at Benefit counters, their own website, or even department stores and online retailers. So if you haven't already, it's certainly worth a try. In the UK, this product sells for £19.50, so it's not only a good product, it won't break the bank.

Click here to purchase it from the Benefit website.


If you’re anything like me, eye liner is a HUGE must when I’m going out. I tend to try and differentiate between my “everyday/work” look and going out face, and I often find that eye liner really strengthens my nighttime image.

When it comes to eye liner however, I always struggle to find ones I really get on with. Either the pencils run down so fast I spend half of my time sharpening them and in some cases the lead permanently breaks. If it’s a felt tip style liner, the tip often dries up or it doesn’t come out as dark as I’d like.

Well, after what seems like forever (literally years) searching, I think I’ve finally come across one I love – so far.

Daniel Sandler’s Everyday Eyeliner is available in 3 neutral/day-night colours:

Brown Velvet

Grey Velvet

Black Velvet (my personal favourite)



As well as a variety of colours for those who wish to experiment with a bolder eye.

These retractable pen-style liners are waterproof, smudge proof, and have a proven long-wearability factor of over six hours without fading – an essential quality that every busy girl needs. For those with sensitive skin types, this product is also dermatologically proved.

The product works like a pen with the retractable twisting mechanism, but when put to skin, the quality is the same (if not better) than a high quality kohl pencil.

At just £9.25 for a single eyeliner – that’s a bargain for something that will not only work, but will last.

Click here to purchase the single eyeliner pen option in all colour options. Or alternatively visit QVCUK to purchase the Everyday Eyeliner set of 3 (black, brown, grey) for less than £30.

So while this isn’t about fashion and is more towards beauty – this product just needed a blog post.

If you’re anything like me, I love paining my nails but I hate the removal. It takes a while, you’ve got to make sure it’s all completely off before you apply the new colour, and you’ve got to be careful not to spill any on furniture or clothes because some of the removers out there can actually stain. Now this problem is a thing of the past.

I’ve been a fan of the Nails Inc brand for as long as I can remember. I’ve got most of their colours in my nail drawer (yep – I simply HAD to dedicate an entire drawer to my nail polishes and products because I have so many), I’ve owned Loyalty Cards (if you’re a mani-pedi fanatic I definitely recommend) and I’ve visited a number of their nail bars around central London.

Recently they’ve brought out another great product: Express Nail Polish Remover. And just like the cliché, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Looking at the pot, my assumption was that I’d unscrew the top and it’d be a pot of liquid you dunk your fingers into (so potentially messy if spilled). However they’ve even thought of a way to combat that. When you take off the lid, the inside houses dark coloured sponges doused in the acetone-free polish remover. You put your finger in, twist it around and within seconds, the polish is removed. Scented with vanilla, you’ll never again have the dreaded potent polish remover smell lingering for a good amount of time afterwards.

Nails Inc themselves even pride this product as fast and gentle and even compatible to use with not only normal polish, but gel and acrylic nails too. The pots are small enough for travel, so it’s also great for on-the-go.

I’ve invested in two pots – one for light colours and the other for dark colours or maybe I’ll just keep one as a spare I haven’t quite decided. You don’t have to do this, this is just my personal preference (and also the scarcity approach (my Psychology tutor would be proud) – if it’s a popular product, it’s best to stock up so you’re never without).

It’s currently sold out online on Nails Inc website, however if you google the product there are several other websites which stock it. Or if you’re heading to a nearby Nails Inc bar, pop in and ask one of the girls. Different price points are available from various retailers but all are within the single digits – a nice small number which won’t break the bank but will be a good investment.