Christmas is a-coming, and it’s now time to start heading out to the shops (especially because right now they’re all surprisingly NOT busy) to buy our Christmas gifts.

Another collaborative effort for Disney comes from American fashion designer, Anna Sui with an exclusive Minnie Mouse cosmetics line for ASOS.

Not only are these products so beautifully designed and presented, they’re priced between £15-£48 each. Perfect for stocking fillers.

The range includes makeup products for the eyes, lips, nails as well as lip balms and hand cream.

To purchase any of these fabulous products visit the ASOS website.

Another great set of manicures by Ciaté, comes in the form of the Feathered Manicure.

Available in three colour options (L-R):

All A Flutter

What A Hoot

Ruffle My Feathers

These sets allow you to create a colourful feathered look on your nails (think peacock-pretty designs) using mini feathers.

Inside each box you get:

  • 0.17 oz Speed Coat Pro
  • 0.17 Mini Paint Pot
  • Nail scissors
  • 2 x Nail file block
  • 40 x feathers

A lot simpler to use than you think! First, add a couple of coats of the Mini Paint Pot, followed by a coat of the Speed Coat Pro. Next, attach your feathers and secure to the nails with a top coat. You can shape and buff your nails to how you like using the tools included. Et voila! You've got a fancy looking unique manicure.

For those who are concerned, these feathers come off just as easy as normal polish using an acetone free nail polish remover.

Each set is available for £20. Visit the Ciaté website to be informed when these products are available to purchase, or to find your next alternative stockist.


Remember back to your childhood years when doodle bears were popular, and you just loved to scribble and draw little pictures in the margins of your school books?

Well, now you can rekindle those moment with this great Limited Edition product by the newer nail brand, Ciaté.

This London based brand works along the same lines as Nails Inc – to make doing your nails fun and not a chore. However, one nifty little detail – this product (as well as all Ciaté products) are completely free of three nasty toxins (Tolouene, Formaldehyde and Phthalates – eg Dibutyl Phthalate, FYI) so you'll never have to worry that these pots are damaging to your nails.

Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure

This gorgeous packaging is certainly enough to attract anyone from a distance (as it did me – which is why I went over with curiosity to the counter).

Inside the box you receive:

  • 13.5ml – Chalkboard Nail Polish (the black one)
  • 13.5ml – Mattnificent Matte Top Coat (the clear one)
  • 4 x Coloured Chalk Pens

You simply put a coat of the chalkboard polish onto your nails. Once dry, draw what you like with the coloured pens (maybe not anything rude if you'll be showing off your designs at work). Once you're done, apply the top coat. And hey, presto! All done. Gives a whole new meaning to nails on a chalkboard, doesn't it?

Here's some inspiration for some simple designs as shown on the Ciaté website:

I'm such a huge fan of nail art but I cannot draw with my left hand to save my life! So this new doodle nail product will certainly make it all a whole lot easier… And FUN!

Priced at £25. Head on over to Ciaté to purchase this great product.


Having just recently come back from Portugal where the sun was shining brightly every day and Wireless weekend in the summer heat, it's no wonder my latest go-to is sun cream. London is gearing up for this extended heatwave (yay!) so we've got to get prepared. For most, having fair skin is a hindrance, however as I've got older I've begun to embrace it more and more. That's not to say I don't enjoy a nice, natural tan, but I'm also not prepared to damage my skin in the process.

One thing that I've always found annoying during summer is the actual application of sun cream. Usually you've got to apply it every few hours, it normally has a pretty strong sun-creamy smell (lovely!) and God for bid you go near any water – you'll then have to reapply the whole lot again! All sounds like a lot of effort? That's what I thought.

So when I was introduced to this great product range by ultrasun, I cannot even explain how this has now become my summer skin lifesaver!

Factors ranging from 20-50 depending on how much protection you need, they've really thought of it all. Depending on what formulas take your fancy, there's something for everyone. The best bit about these products is you simply apply it 20 minutes before you head out into the sun, once a day! That's right, once you've slapped it on, you're good to go and don't have to worry about carrying it around in your bag for reapplication later on in the day. Time saver eh? Not to mention you don't have that lingering sticky feeling or strong sun cream smell once applied, which gave it even more brownie points from me.

I like something with a bit of a difference, so I've always opted for the glimmer products. Once applied, your skin has a shimmer effect all over – so it's also great for people (like me) who have a tendency to forget patches. With the glimmer products you can clearly see what areas you've covered and what patches you need to go over.

There's a specific Factor 30 cream designed to really look after your lovely face. Applied daily, your face and neck will be properly protected, while maintaining your youthful appearance. (For those who don't know, it's always best to use an SPF for your face to prevent from premature ageing and looking a bit “worn”). But don't worry, the face cream is just like a normal moisturiser without the glimmer effect. So your face won't look like Edward Cullen (good ol' R Pattz) does in Alice's premonition of his “big reveal” when his body glitters in the sunlight in Twilight's New Moon.

While in Portugal, I tried out the After Sun. So far this is definitely my fave After Sun product I've used; the gel like formula cools down any sun-heated areas, and it soaks into the skin pretty quickly. Not to mention it also works as a great tan accelerator, so for those who've forgotten to prep your skin pre-hols, this is a great go-to product. (Although it's still best to start off with a good Tan Accelerator a couple of weeks before you jet off – esp those with really fair skin.)

Finally, the ultrasun Lip Balm stick is a great everyday product – even when you're not on hol. For those who want a reliable product, I'd def add this to your make-up bag.

For more info on all the available products in the range along with a list of local stockists and price range, visit the ultrasun website.


Who loves Disney? More specifically, who loves Minnie Mouse? Mix her character with some nail polish and you've got the latest launch announced by the beauty brand OPI: Couture de Minnie Collection.

This nail polish collection is an exploration of the fashion-forward style of Disney's beloved Minnie Mouse. We are presented with five shades of red, pink and fuchsia hues with textural elements. The Couture de Minnie line includes four limited edition nail polishes as well as one brand new shade called Liquid Sand. In addition to the base three crème nail polishes, the collection features a red and white polka dot glitter shade, as well as the strawberry-coloured nail polish in Magazine Cover Mouse.


The nail polish colours available shown below:

Chic from Ears to Tail: Bubblegum pink

A Definite Moust-Have: Fuchsia

Minnie Style: White and red glitter

Innie Minnie Mighty Bow: Crimson Red

Magazine Cover Mouse: Liquid Sand Strawberry

The couture de Minnie collection is a definite must-have for any lover of nail products and colours. So it's time to get excited!

The collection is available in the USA from June 2013 at OPI retailers, though I've yet to find out an official release date for the UK. I do hope there is one or I'll have to head stateside to make my purchase!

Once I have further details on release dates and prices I'll update this post to let you know.