PVC is the latest trend to speak volumes this season. The prudish, shocking element which used to be apparent with anyone wearing anything PVC has flown out of the window, and finally we can embrace this new, shiny material and even incorporate it into our daily looks.

SK3094HP_BLA_1This gorgeous slicker skirt by Antipodium London priced at £179, is definitely a stand-out piece if you want to roughen your looks with a punkier/sexier characteristic.

However, as always these sort of 3-figure prices aren't everyone's cup of tea and can be quite off putting.

So what about this alternative:

**ASOS.com provide model shots only for their products

**ASOS.com provide model shots only for their products

ASOS have started to sell this full midi skirt in patent finish for ONLY £45, which will keep your purses tons happier!

So go on, spend away, and get on the PVC bandwagon.


1970s punk is one of the biggest trends as we slowly move into the Autumn/Winter 2013 season. It's already 1st September today (HOW?!) so the nights will soon be drawing closer, and the weather will start to get colder.

Leather and zips are a common factor for punk trends, and a great way to roughen up your looks.

Here's another good find I've found recently:Alexander Wang asymmetric zip leather pencil skirt, £748The above leather zip pencil skirt is by Alexander Wang and priced at a whopping £748. However, I've come across a mid-price brand which sells an almost identical skirt for less than HALF the price:

All Saints, Split lucille leather skirt, £198With only minor differences such as the side of the skirt the zip is placed, the size of the split and zip along with the leather itself, this leather skirt is a perfect and cheaper version. Still a little pricey at £198, this skirt is available to purchase this season from All Saints (and I kinda prefer this one!). Leather is such a great, durable investment it'll be worth every penny!

To purchase the Alexander Wang skirt at Matches Fashion, click here.

To purchase the All Saints skirt, click here.


Brogues are certainly a classic, staple shoe which can accommodate most outfits. If you want to go for a more modernised pair rather than the usual brown or black leather, opt for a pair of metallic, patent brogues such as these beauties by the French designer, Robert Clergerie:

Available at Selfridges for £465, these silver ROELF brogues might be a little over budget for most. But what if I told you, you could purchase a similar pair for less than half the price?

These KESTRAL razor sole shoes are available in both silver and gold from Topshop, for a mere £70!
Click here to buy the official Roelf brogues by Robert Clergerie.
Click on the links to purchase the Topshop Kestral razor shoes in silver or gold.


Another good find I've recently come across is a great, cheaper version of this glorious Rebecca Minkoff mini 5 zip shoulder bag.

The above original is available at various luxury retailers (mainly American ones so they need to be shipped) or some online retailers such as MyWardrobe.com. Retailing ranging between £127-£200 depending on chosen colour and material, this bag is somewhat cheaper than a lot of designers, but still not your average H&M price. Also available in lime, black, mahogany, fire engine and midnight among others.

This nifty little cheaper imitation might just do the trick. Priced at just £69 (and currently £35 in the sale), you can order this bag from JustFab.co.uk. Also available in purple.


Metallics and holographics – these colours are huge and never fail to stay in fashion. This week's cheat is in the form of a block heeled, sling-back, crossover strap sandal.

The above sandal is a gorgeous, block heeled crisscross sandal in silver by Prada. Priced at £432.50, they'll certainly exceed most people's budget in this current economy.

However, Zara have created their own great high street copy:

With slightly slimmer straps and a silver-holographic finish, these cute block heeled sandals by Zara are the perfect Prada-esque copies, with a much lower, affordable price of just £59.99.

The Prada metallic crisscross sandal is available in silver, gold and black. Click here to purchase them via Saks Fifth Avenue.

Alternatively the Zara crossover sling back hologram sandal is available in this holographic tone in both silver and gold. Click here to purchase them in silver via the Zara website.