Everyone loves a bit of Disney right? And why wouldn’t you? We grew up with it on VHS (R.I.P.) and dreamed of being a mermaid or princess – or both!

Designer brand Givenchy has enabled women to relive their childhoods and not feel as though they’re dressing a decade younger than they should by releasing this fun Bambi sweater:

Priced at £990 from Net-A-Porter, it’s inevitable that even the most stylish young women might not necessarily be able to afford this.
Thankfully, Blonde&Blonde have come up with a similar alternative:

Far more reasonable for the lighter pocket, this Disney memorabilia is available from Bank Fashion for £30.

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Burberry introduced us to the beautiful “The Petal” clutch bags for their Spring Summer 2014 collection. Available in a variety of colours, this leather clutch includes 3D detailing of petal/flowers on one side.

At a hefty price starting from £795, this bag is truly for the rich and famous (or those who just got offered a HUGE payrise).

However, Accessorize have introduced a similar take on this gorgeous bag, for a fraction of the price at just £19 – also available in a few different colour options.

Not to mention, the Accessorize version is also a crossbody bag, with a chain detail strap which can be neatly unhooked to create a true clutch.

Click here to purchase the Burberry “The Petal” clutch.

Click here to purchase the Accessorize daisy cross body bag.


These are coming fast and furious now we’re hitting the Spring weather – and not a moment too soon! Who doesn’t love a bit of sun?!

If you fancy yourself a trend setter, these’ll be on top of your list for the summer season festivals:


These Heart Shape Sunglasses are available from ASOS for £12 – which is a pretty good deal as it is.

However, what if you could get them EVEN cheaper?!

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 20.26.50These similar specs are available at less than half the price from Forever 21 for only £4.90!

Purchase the ASOS sunglasses here.

Purchase the Forever 21 version here.


Another in my infamous chapters of high street copies of designer brands brings me to these leopard print court shoes.

You can't go wrong with a pair of Louboutins. No, really! These gorgeous pumps (aka Iriza Tissu Leopardino 100mm) cost a whopping £395 and are currently out of stock on the official Christian Loubs site.

However, ASOS has come up with a very similar pair here:

Okay so they're slightly brighter white, and a lower heel – BUT they are very affordable for you ladies at just £25.

Maybe just get a pot of red nail varnish to paint the bottom? That is how the official red sole came about after all…

Click here to purchase the ASOS SPRING BREAK Pointed Heels.


While I absolutely love designer brands, I can also see that those prices might be way out of budget for some – understandably too.

This time, I’ve noticed a great sale copy of the Valentino So Noir 65 Leopard pumps.

These studded pumps are available in a variety of prints, textures, matte and patent leathers. They were so popular with celebrities that they graced the red carpets of many events in the last season. However, priced at £685, they’re definitely an investment piece.

Then I came across this surprisingly similar pair from Chockers:

Reduced from £39.99 to £25, these Valentino-esque copies are a fashionable steal!

Click here to purchase the Valentino originals from Harrods.

Click here to purchase the GALA heels from Chockers. Get them before they’re out of stock!