Yesterday I picked up the latest edition of ELLE UK magazine – the October issue (infamous for being the “Edited by the Interns” issue). As always, ELLE never fails to impress.

One thing I did notice throughout the first few advertorial pages, was the recurrence of the distinctive face of none other than Miss Cara Delevigne herself. For this current Autumn/Winter season, Cara has bagged herself some pretty big deals, being the face of some highly reputable brands including Saint Laurent, Mulberry and DKNY shown below. Lucky or what!

Her young, incredibly symmetrical face framed by her prominently defined eyebrows encapsulates the camera to tell each story – and she does it well. Each of these brands has created it's own unique campaign, from fantasy, to chic city girl, to punk rocker chick. Noticing that these campaigns are presented in the current issue of ELLE with only a few pages in between each, demonstrates that she can easily and professionally take on each character and play them remarkably without being pigeon-holed into a specific style niche.

Bringing such a fresh response to an ever changing industry, I'd love to work with her to see this model in action.


I can’t believe Girls Aloud have been a girl band for 10 years already! And to think they started off on Pop Stars: The Rivals. This song came on my iPod earlier while I was heading to a meeting in central. I’m not even ashamed to admit I love Girls Aloud and this song. It’s so catchy I just had to share it on here.

It’s good to see the girls back together and touring in 2013 – yet they’ve all had opportunities to do their own solo ventures for the past three years. Nicola Roberts with her fashion inspired executive role on Styled To Rock and her pale skin make-up line (FINALLY US PALE GIRLS HAVE A VOICE), Cheryl Cole and her solo music, X Factor judging spots and her autobiography and so on. The great thing about this video, is it shows the growth they’ve had as people (plus they’re wearing some amazing clothes – once I find out where from I’ll update).

This was the 2012 Children In Need song and was released on 16th November 2012. It made a change to have an upbeat track instead of the typical slow ballads that usually represent the charity.

Video taken from Girls Aloud YouTube Channel here.

Krystal signature

Need I say more? This woman is A-MAZ-ING. Her bold, satirical comments and on Fashion Police are uniquely hilarious that’s for sure!

Showing her Fashion Police sheriff badge (below), I am most definitely a fully fledged Joan Ranger!

Who would have thought this 22 year old girl went to the same sixth form college I did?! Just goes to show talent is everywhere.

Rita Ora is a star. Born in Pristina, SFR Yugoslavia (now Kosovo), Rita Ora then moved to West London with her parents where she grew up. She’s a girl after my own heart, rocking the American flag apparel. Niiiiice!

Cat eye sunglasses, cocktail rings, frayed denim, bodycon and hotpants are clothing and accessory choices I personally love. Not to mention, it’s clear to see one of her main style influences is the legendary Gwen Stefani.

Signed to Jay Z’s label, Roc Nation, her latest album “Ora” is available to purchase and well worth a listen!

So it looks like anyone and everyone among the A-Listers are currently channeling their inner-Gaga. Whether it’s her unique fashion sense, statuesque hats and fascinators, alarming shoes, or obscure accessories, Lady Gaga has become a true fashion icon for many. Check out who are the latest celebs to strut their stuff, and learn where you can buy similar products to convey your own Gaga-esque look:

Beyonce                                                                                                                    Now this gorgeous beauty has collaborated with the star for couple of tracks, so it’s only right to assume that after being a part of the Gaga-world of music videos and artistry, a little bit would naturally rub off on her:

Lady Gaga wearing rounded sunglasses

Beyonce in New York

Now for a woman who’s just post-birth a couple of months ago, I’d say Beyonce now has a post-baby stunning figure. She’s not afraid to show it to the world with such a rainbow bright outfit, teamed with Gaga-esque sunglasses and a black fedora style hat. If you like the Elton-John round glasses, you can purchase yourself a pair from Topshop for around £22.

Sunglasses, £22, Topshop

Katy Perry
Maybe she just likes the fashion, or maybe she was making a bold statement as this was her first appearance after signing the dreaded divorce papers between herself and Russell Brand. Whatever the deal, our beloved California Gurl singer sure did make a hell of an entrance wearing this rather large fascinator which matched her dress:

Lady Gaga wearing fascinator

Katy Perry’s first appearance since signing divorce papers

I’ve got to admit, I don’t honestly think anyone other than Perry could really pull off something like this, and that’s because she’s known to stand out in a crowd. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to pass on finding a “similar” version for you all. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone wearing one of these on the commuter tubes around London. Although good luck to Katy, she’s doing well and looking bloomin’ marvelous!