Daily Make-up Essentials

Daily Make-up Essentials


As a young woman, I own tons of make-up from lots of brands. It’s taken a good while to figure out exactly what I like and what works best for me, but these products are the winners right now:

1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Genius Super-Charged Foundation

I can honestly say it has taken me years to find a liquid foundation I’m happy with – particularly because I have such a pale skin tone. Before it was discontinued, I loved Bobbi Brown’s liquid foundation in Alabaster, but knowing I’d have to search for something new for a more permanent basis, I figured start with designers I already love (even if that is their clothing and perfumes). Long awaited, and still not available in the UK, The Marc Jacobs Beauty range is probably one of my favourites right now – as you’ll see by the many choices of his I’ve got in this selection.

This foundation glides on so easily and is a surprising true match to my skin tone – which effectively lets me wear the “no make-up make-up” look. I’ve never been a fan of caked on faces – partly because it’s never good to paste your skin with anything that’ll potentially harm or ruin it over time. What I do like is a natural, flawless look which can be dressed up and down according to the occasion – and this foundation is light enough it lets me do just that.

This foundation is really good value for money – you only need one squirt to get even coverage across your face and the bottle lasts approximately 6 months (which I can say with confidence, having just finished my first one which I started in September).

2. Marc Jacobs Beauty Perfection Powder with The Face II: Sculpting Foundation Brush No.2

Of course, knowing how I fell in love with the Marc Jacobs foundation in Chicago, I decided My next trip to the States I may as well try the powder which goes with it. Not only is it sealed in the most chic, classic black palette with a large inside mirror, the texture itself is so soft. When put on with the Sculpting Foundation Brush, I find it finishes off my look flawlessly before adding the details. It can even be used along instead of foundation if you so wish.

3. Creme de la Mer The Radiant Concealer

Every girl and woman needs a good concealer, and with my long, irregular shift patterns at work, this concealer is one of the best for hiding any potential showing tiredness. Team this with a Lucozade Original and I’m set to go.

4. Bobbi Brown Desert Rose Blush 324

A bit of blush goes a long way – and by little, I mean A LITTLE. The clowned-rag doll look is sooooo out. A little blush with a light colour such as this adds warmth to a pale skin tone like mine. For a little extra oomph in the evenings, lightly dust over a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick.

5. Shavata Brow Perfector

I’m a firm believer that eyebrows can make or break a face – in the same way a haircut can. Neat brows not only do wonders for confidence, but also frame your face perfectly with the angled arch.

This brow set is great for really defining the shape as well as darkening or lightening your brows.

6. Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc-er Precision Pen

Anyone who’s read my blog previously will remember my search for the perfect black eye liner. I think I can confidently say I’ve finally found it. Simply put, this pen acts in the same way as a felt tip – and NEVER dries out. Press lightly for a thin line or drag heavily for a thicker one. If you need more “ink” just shake it. Absolutely no smudges and it’s waterproof.

7. Benefit They’re Real Mascara

This is probably one of the best mascaras I’ve tried so far. With a couple of coats my lashes look longer – and it saves heaps of time instead of trying to attach fake ones at 6am before work – which let’s face it, would probably end in a glued-eye disaster.


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